Peep Cake!

I have to be honest.  We did not have the best Easter ever this year.  At least 50-100% of us were sick, and Edward was the sickest of all.  His eyes were a little goopy, and for that reason we decided that we could not take him to church.  And what is Easter without church?  It’s like Halloween with trick-or-treating, like St. Patrick’s Day without wearing green, like Bastille Day without pardoning criminals (thanks a lot, Sarkozy!)!  It was finally agreed that Simone, also not feeling great, would stay home with Edward while Ruby and I, feeling slightly better than awful, would go to church.

We also had big plans to have Easter lunch at my sister-in-law’s house, but since she is scheduled to have a baby tomorrow, we stayed away and kept our germs to ourselves.  I got a bucket of KFC on the way home from the service and we feasted on the finest that the Colonel had to offer, while sneezing and rubbing our eyes.

This is not to say that we didn’t have fun.  We found our baskets hidden around the house, filled with lovely things that had been procured during a healthier time.  When Ruby and I got home, we found dozens of eggs hidden all over the yard and we had a blast finding them.  And of course we had the Peep Cake.

In our original plan, it was our job to bring the dessert to the lunch, and so we decided to make the most Easterful dessert we could think of.  Simone had seen some pictures of various Easter-themes desserts online, and so I went for it.  A Peep Cake!

To start with, I purchased a Funfetti cake mix, because what could be more spring-holiday-y than funfetti?!  Then I picked up a new sort of frosting that you can mix different flavor packets into to make, incredibly, different flavors of frosting.  The cotton candy flavor was exactly the color of blue I was looking for!  To top off the cake I got some springtime M&Ms, and to finish it all off: Peeps!

Now, in order to complete my vision, I needed the bunny peeps, which took me a few places to find.  Everybody just had the chicks!  The chicks would not look awesome around my cake!  They would look lame!  I needed the bunnies!  Luckily, the Christmas Tree Shop (of all places) had the ones I was looking for.

The making of the cake was very simple.  Bake two cakes, stick them together with frosting.  Cover it all up with frosting, surround it with peeps, and cover the top with M&Ms.  Instant Easter success!  I think you will agree that it looks awesome, and we got to eat it all up ourselves.  Or at least a small bit of it.  OMG, that cake was so sweet!  I think Simone’s co-workers and Ruby’s teachers are in for a treat!   There is no way we are finishing this thing alone.  Also, if you live within a 30 minute radius of my house come on over and grab a piece.  One bunny, or two?

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  1. Your cake is adorable! You could submit that to one of those family magazines, and maybe win something. But, I imagine that just a tiny slice would be enough, even for a dedicated sugar fiend such as myself.

  2. Have you seen the cake shaped like a peep chick with marshmallow peeps inside the cake? That’s easter. Miss you

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