Pre-School Halloween Parade

Today was the pre-school Halloween Parade.  Tomorrow is also the pre-school Halloween Parade, but that’s not the point.  Tomorrow is for kids who don’t come on Mondays, so they can participate too.  Today was for us.

We finally (and by we I mean my wife and mother) finished Ruby’s costume yesterday, so she was all set for school this morning.  You may recall that last year she went as Mickey Mouse, and it seems that her desire to dress up as dudes has not abated, as this year she has decided on a companion piece and will go as Donald Duck.

Even though I did not personally work on either of these two costumes, let me tell you that, from observation alone, Donald Duck is way harder than Mickey Mouse.  Luckily we cheated a bit on the hardest part, and found a hat very similar to the one Edward wore last year as Pluto.  Anyway, I think Ruby’s costume looks awesome, and so I will share it with you.

As another exciting bonus to the parade, this week was our snack week, so Ruby and I made some fabulous looking Jack O’Lantern cupcakes for her class.  Since they were not cookies, we did not make a show out of it, but it was fun anyway.

The parade started half an hour after we dropped Ruby off at school, which meant that for thirty minutes I sat in the car with a crazy 19-month-old boy who did everything he could to destroy the interior of my vehicle.  I’m sure the fingerprints will come off of the rear view mirror eventually, although I have no idea how to fix the radio settings.

At the appointed time, we stood out in the freezing cold (it was below 32, so I’m calling it freezing, even though for Vermont it was quite balmy) and watched as the children came out in a line, walked across the parking lot in their costumes, and waved to us.  It was extremely cute.  This was followed by a skit in which the teachers acted out a story called “The Big Pumpkin,” and I may be biased, but as an entertainer myself, I can say with full confidence that Ruby’s teacher was by far the best one.

Now I’m back home, writing a blog and eating a cupcake.  Happy Halloween Everybody!

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