The Sixth Annual Epic Christmas Eve Scavenger Hunt (CESH)

You know it wasn’t our turn to design the game this year, but circumstances being what they were, what choice did we have? My sister-in-law, who was supposed to be the architect for 2016, was scheduled to give birth less than 2 weeks before the event, and so wouldn’t even be able to attend, much less build and design an epic photo and video scavenger hunt to take place throughout the Church Street Marketplace on the morning of Christmas Eve! And so it fell to me. CESH 2016. And I had no ideas.

Luckily I have a brilliant wife, who came up with not only an amazingly perfect theme, but also a way to involve those family members who were stuck home with newborn babies. I think it worked out very well. But go ahead and judge for yourself. And whatever else you might say about this final product, you definitely can’t say we didn’t have fun.

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