Tenor Dad Cancelled Due to Snow

This is a message from the Emergency Blogcast System.  Tenor Dad will not be published today due to the excessive snow.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but Tenor Dad will be spending his morning playing in the snow, building blanket forts, having dance parties, and drinking hot chocolate.

We could not have foreseen this, as Winter was procrastinating, so Spring was all like “Fine, I’ll just start early,” and the groundhog was in on it,  and everybody thought that the plan had worked and Winter was done, but then at the last second Winter showed up and was like “Hey, hey, hey!  I still have one day left!  It’s not Spring until tomorrow!” and then decided to dump a possible 18 inches of snow on everyone, just to be annoying.

Therefore, no blog will be published today.  Tenor Dad will resume its regularly scheduled posting tomorrow.  Thank you.

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