Dammit Jim, I’m a Storyteller, not a Question Answerer!

I have a problem. I know I have it, and yet I don’t know what to do about it. Because I only realize I am doing it after the fact when it is too late. In the moment, I am providing much-needed clarity. It is only through the powers of Captain Hindsight that I am […]

Tenor Dad After Dark

Hello readers, and welcome to Tenor Dad After Dark, our late-night, adults-only version of our regular blog. Here after 10 PM we can say things like “The Eff Word” and “Poopy Stink Fart.” We can talk about obscene subjects like “Pornographic Films” and “Donald Trump.” Yes, the kid gloves are off tonight my friends. Let’s […]

Privacy is a Myth; Please Don’t Shoot Me

You all know who I am. Probably. While I don’t include my name on this site (mostly), I don’t think it would be too hard for someone to figure out who “Tenor Dad” really is. After all, I post everything I write through my personal Facebook page, and I assume that nobody else is so […]

The Best Experience a Dad Blogger Can Have

Some days I write for myself, just to get something out of my system. Like yesterday. Other days I write for you. Yes, you. I write something that I hope you will enjoy. I hope you will laugh, reflect, learn, or smile. Like the day before yesterday. But honestly, I write a lot of these […]

My Book Is Out!

Dear readers. Dear, dear readers. Wonderful readers. Fantastic, fabulous, financially philanthropic readers. Today is your chance to finally be able to pay for something that I have been giving to you for free for almost 5 years now. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?! Today, “Dads Behaving Dadly 2” is out, featuring a brand […]

Local Tenor Reviews His Own Concert

When I lived in the D.C.-Baltimore metro area, one thing I could count on was a review. When the Washington National Opera performed, it was written about in the papers. When the local choruses sang major concerts, reviews appeared in print and online. Even as I have traveled to other parts of the country, major […]

Reporting Live From the Good Old Days

Hello, and good morning. This is Tenor Dad, reporting live from the past. Thanks to your local WFTR (news and weather on the 23s!) station’s new chrono upgrades, I have made it back here to the year 2015, or, as we all know it, the good old days. We were all younger, healthier, had more […]

My Real Name, and the Problems It Has Caused Me

Hello. My name is Adam Hall, and I am Tenor Dad. Phew. That is a load off! When I started writing this blog, it was mostly for my friends and family, but still I referred to myself as “Tenor Dad,” mostly because I thought it was funny to do so. Then, as my audience expanded […]

Please Don’t Give Me Up For Lent

Well, it’s that time of year again. The time when Christians the land over disappear from social media for 40 days and 40 nights in an attempt to reconnect with God by disconnecting from Facebook. And this is a fine and laudable thing. I do not want to disparage anyone who feels that a brief […]

What Does Your Anagram Really Say About You?

An anagram, as I’m sure you astute readers are aware, is just a rearranging of the letters in a word or a phrase to make a new word or phrase. People use anagrams as a kind of code sometimes, to create pseudonyms or secret messages. So yes, there can be value in playing with anagrams. How […]