The Best Seats in the Whole Place

Every time we try to go to a local baseball game it either rains, or is sparsely attended.  We buy bad seats and then sneak into the good ones, or else we go home wet and early.  I was not worried at all about the game selling out, even with the draw of 25 cent hot dog night.  When the bus pulled into the parking lot, having driven us from the other parking lot across town, I sauntered up to the ticket windows, none of which had more than 2 people waiting in line for them.  As I stood there waiting, I started hearing the words “sold out,” and I casually looked up at the ticket pricing signs, only then noticing that all grandstand tickets were gone, as well as box seats.  Only reserved seating was left, and suddenly I was worried that we weren’t even going to get those!

“Four please,” I said quickly, “and hurry!”  I nervously glanced at the other ticket windows, wondering whose computer was going to connect first, and if we were going to be able to buy the seats.  Luckily we were handed four reserved seat tickets, and we headed into the ballpark.

Section A.  That sounded promising.  A sounded first.  A sounded best.  Perhaps these were going to be decent seats.  I’d paid more for them than I was expecting to, so it would be nice if they didn’t suck.  Row P.  Hey, P was earlier than Z, right?  And seats 4-7.  Nice low numbers.  Right?  Right?

As I walked up the steps of section A, I saw that P was the last row in existence, all the way at the top of the stairs.  We hiked up 16 rows to the very back corner of the roof, where I then discovered that our seats were literally right there at the top of the stairs.  Anybody trying to get in or out of either side was going to have to climb right over us, and not only that, but there was a railing practically between my legs.  I could see okay, but my wife was behind a pole, and I couldn’t see how there were any worse seats in the entire arena.  That’s what you get for coming late to a sold out game, I supposed.  That’s when my daughter made her opinion known as well.

“Can you believe it?!” she cried out.  “We got the best seats in the whole place!”

“We did?” I asked cautiously.

“Yeah, look!  We’re so high up we can see everything!  The whole field!  And we got seats right over the aisle, so nobody can sit in front of us and block us!  We got a roof, so even if it rains we won’t get wet, and there is a big net in front, so no balls will hit us!  Can you believe how lucky we are?!”

And she was right.  I smiled the smile of a new perspective as I sat down in the chair next to my daughter, the best seat in the whole place.


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