The Color of Han Solo’s Light Saber

I was alone inside, vacuuming the stairs, when I heard the front door fly open and slam against the wall. Ah. My son was coming inside. He thumped up the stairs very quickly and ran past me, his boots still on and dropping dirt and sticks onto my freshly cleaned carpet, out of sight and into his room. He reemerged a few moments later with his light saber that the tooth fairy had given him for losing his first two teeth in one go. How she got that thing under his pillow we will never know.

Anyway, he comes tearing back through, holding his green Jedi weapon with actual lights and sounds, but before he goes back outside to play he pauses. He turns to look at me and then, in a bragging sort of way, says “I’M going outside to play STAR Wars, and I get to be Han Solo, because I have the green light saber and my friend doesn’t, because he has the blue light saber. He says Han Solo has the blue light saber, but I’M getting to be Han Solo, because I have the GREEN light saber!”

I stop for a moment, considering my response. On the one hand, I sure do like to be right, and to correct people (especially my children), only for the greater good you know. The world would be a much better place if we all knew everything that I know, don’t you know. On the other hand, why mess with a good thing. He was happily playing outside with his friend and having a great time. Did the details of who generally should and should not be using a light saber really matter? Did I need to explain that technically Han only used a light saber once, and that it was Luke’s?

As he stood there, waiting for some sort of response, I simply looked up at him and said, “Well, I think you are both equally correct.” He smiled at my positive response, and took off down the stairs and out the door again. He and his friend had a wonderful time, and I got to finish re-vacuuming the stairs.

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