The Difference Between Girls and Boys

I’ve learned a few things about girls in my life
From sisters and friends, from my mother and wife,
But all of this info can barely hold water
Compared with the stuff that I’ve learned from my daughter.

For instance I’ve learned that, when shopping for toys,
There isn’t much difference between girls and boys.
Sometimes she wants Barbies and princess-y Zinkies,
And other times Hot Wheels and Iron Man Squinkies.

And playing outside, why you barely can tell,
From the games that kids play, who is male or FE-mell.
They’re all on the monkey bars, swings, and tall slide,
Or climbing a tree for a good place to hide.

I guess they dress differently (boys don’t wear dresses),
But you just can’t tell by the length of their tresses.
Girls can have less hair and boys can have more,
So don’t try to guess from behind at the store.

And even the dress thing is not always true.
Cause sometimes boys want to wear girl clothing too.
My son is all boy, but he loves how it feels
To walk ’round the house in his sister’s high heels.

The two of them love to play princess, with dress-up,
And then pour the trains out, the whole house to mess up.
They play superheroes and video games,
They put dolls in strollers and push them the same.

Society tells me they should be divided,
But a gender difference?  I really can’t find it.
I guess one of them often stands up to pee,
And that’s the main difference between them, to me.

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  1. This is one of my favorite things you’ve ever posted here.
    And that’s saying something, because I love to read TenorDad every day, and you’re always entertaining.
    May I post it around, with due credit? 🙂

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