The Incredibles – A Halloween Photo Gallery

We do it every other year.  On the odd years I let them be whatever they want, but every two years we do epic family-wide themed costumes.  In 2010 we were Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  In 2012 we were The Avengers.  And now it is time once again for our family to become something…incredible!

 Of course it all started with two crazy superheroes in love.


Mr. Incredible is very strong and, dare I say it, devilishly handsome.  Also smart, funny, and, well, he’s the whole package.


Elastigirl is the perfect match for Mr. Incredible.  She is all the good things rolled into one, plus her super flexibility makes her ideally suited for putting up with Mr. Incredible’s nonsense.


They had many exciting adventures fighting crime with their friend Frozone.  Sorry, I mean “Bearzone.”


But eventually they settled down and had some kids.


Violet has force field powers, although the force fields are slightly invisible, so you can’t really see them in the picture.


Dash, her younger brother, is the fastest (and loudest) boy in the universe!


Together they are…The Incredibles!


Along with Jack-Jack the baby, they live together and keep the world safe.


Because there are always villains out there trying to do bad things.  Villains like Syndrome!  (Syndrome is less picky about putting ‘bear’ into his name)


But the most important thing that they can all do together, is patrol the neighborhood and collect candy!


Happy Halloween!

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