The New Choral Music of Pete Seeger

Hello friends, and Happy Tenor Tuesday! Though I seem to be spending much more of my time dadding these days, and not so much tenoring, I do still try to talk about music in some way each week. Today I thought I would use this space for some shameless musical self promotion. Apologies in advance.

But hey, this is a blog. I’m pretty sure self promotion is written in the handbook somewhere, if not the DNA, and I wouldn’t spam you about things you would not care about. I have exciting news that you might want to hear! It’s about my new album! Well, okay, not my album, but an album that I will be appearing on. Counterpoint, a choral group of excellence that I am going to be singing with, has decided to record a new album of Pete Seeger music as a tribute to the man himself, who passed away last year. If you don’t know who Pete Seeger is, then yes you do. Trust me. If I Had a Hammer. Where Have All the Flowers Gone. This Land is Your Land. His music has become woven into the fabric of this country, and even if you don’t know him as well as you should, you know him.

Last year, after Seeger’s death, local musicians rushed to put together a tribute concert, and Counterpoint sang  a set of choral arrangements of some of his amazing songs. The response was huge, the demand clear, and a plan was set in motion to bring the music of the people back to the people in the form of a new recording. Singers were recruited, myself included, and a series of concerts were arranged just prior to the planned studio time. It seemed like this might actually be a thing!

We hope to record this amazing music in August, but of course this all costs money and that is something musicians just don’t ever seem to have. Luckily we live in the age of the internet, where people can pre-order albums even before they are made as a way to help fund them. Thank you Kickstarter! So if you are interested in great music, or hearing me sing, or just helping a guy out because he sometimes writes things that you like, please consider donating/pre-ordering some of this music, and then share it around with anyone that you think might be interested, like the entire internet. Here’s the link!

All Mixed Up! – Counterpoint Sings the Music of Pete Seeger

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