The Worst Grammar and Spelling Mistakes You Can Think Of

Well, Christmas is nearly upon us, which means it is time for me to provide you with another helpful, holiday-themed video that will improve your life immeasurably. Thanks to me you all now know the difference between a peninsula, and island, and an isthmus.

You can properly conjugate the verb “to lie” (or is it “to lay”?).

And you certainly never use vague pronouns.

But what else are you having trouble with/annoyed with everyone else about? Does it drive you crazy when people can’t put they’re correct words over their? There so annoying! Or perhaps you wish the internet would stop adding extra apostrophes all over the place! Those people are idiot’s. Maybe you have a pet peeve that I have not even thought of! So I made a poll.

Mostly I made this poll because I wanted to install a poll plugin and play with it a bit. But I hope it will also be useful to you and make you feel as though you have a voice here at Tenor Dad. Please vote for which problem I should tackle this year. And if your personal pet peeve is not listed, leave it in the comments. Over the weekend I promise to probably check the results and maybe take your ideas and opinions into consideration. Probably. So have at it! What are the worst grammar and spelling mistakes of which you can think? And how many have I unintentionally used in this post?

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