An Apology to Bill Peebles For Being a Little Too Excited About Star Wars

Bill Peebles, as I’m sure you know, is an award-winning* blogger, thinker, philosopher, and all-around insightful and amazing guy. He writes some great stuff over at ihopeiwinatoaster. If you haven’t read any of his achingly beautiful ramblings on life, parenting, and the joy and despair of growing up, do yourself a favor and check it out. But Bill (probably his real name, although I have not seen his government-issued I.D.) got a little upset the other day about what he feels is the over-hyping of a certain movie that is opening today. Yes, Bill does not care about Star Wars.

*awards not for blogging, thinking, or philosophizing

I first I thought, “Oh Bill, you old curmudgeon, let us have our fun!” And if that had been my only thought, I would not be writing this post. But then I had another, more terrifying thought. “Oh my God, he’s right!”

What is it about Star Wars? What makes me write posts about it and post links about it and heavily promote the film online without any compensation received whatsoever? Because, although I do like Star Wars, it is not my favorite film. My favorite film, as you may know from some careful reading of these pages, is Ghostbusters. I looooooooove Ghostbusters. And yet you do not see me online posting Ghostbusting memes and articles. I mean, I do a little, but not like Star Wars. I could quote you every line from Ghostbusters, but only many of the lines from Star Wars. I am not a huge Star Wars nerd. I am just a huge nerd who enjoys, among many other things, Star Wars. What has happened to me?!

Star Wars isn’t even in my top ten list of movies! In fact, I love Star Trek far more than I love Star Wars. I grew up on Star Trek. I have seen every episode of every series* and I may have watched Star Trek IV more times than even Ghostbusters! Why was I not posting every possible pun, article, meme, and news item about the Star Trek reboot a few years ago? It had everything the new Star Wars has! Older original cast members showing up to pass the torch to the new generation, epic space adventures, J.J. Abrams directing, seriously I think they are the same movie. And I got swept up in this Force Awakens machine for seemingly no reason at all!

*except Enterprise, obviously

Maybe that’s why I’m not heavily posting about the new Ghostbusters movie that is coming out. It’s not, by the way, because it features an all-female cast. I love that idea. No, it’s because what I really, really wanted the new Ghostbusters to be was the old crew appearing in continuity, passing the proton packs to the next generation. I wanted it to be Star Wars VII. And it’s not. And I, as a fan boy, am feeling rightfully scorned that the creative people making films in Hollywood did not take my feelings into consideration before embarking on the next chapter in my favorite franchise. But even if they were catering to my every whim, I would probably still not post about it as much as I have posted about Star Wars.

You know what? I am hesitant to admit this because it is embarrassing, but I think it is just me wanting to be popular. For whatever reason, people are overly excited about this movie. I know that if I post something about Star Wars, it will get a huge* reaction. If I post something about Ghostbusters, it will get a reaction from only the knowing faithful. So I get caught up in the mob, more excited about a movie than I technically should be. And if you are legitimately excited about this because your favorite movie in the world growing up was Star Wars, and you owned all the action figures and the Ewok Village playset, and you have been waiting for this moment your whole life, then yeah, go crazy. But that’s not me! I should only be pretty excited! And yet I am frothing at the mouth for tonight!

*though it is not okay to support Donald Trump, it is okay to pronounce this like he would

Is it just the juggernaut of the Disney marketing machine? It can’t be! Because they bought Marvel too, and I love superheroes waaaaaay more than I like Star Wars, and yet I don’t remember freaking out this much when Avengers came out. I was excited, sure, but did it take over the world like this is doing? Maybe it did. I don’t remember. I am old now, and my children have drained my cranial resources. But whatever the reason, Star Wars is everywhere now, and nobody seems to care. Everyone seems to like it! Everyone except Bill Peebles.

I get it Bill. This is how I feel during football season. All the posts online are about some stupid game where brain-damaged rapists try to kill each other.* Sounds like some post-apocalyptic dystopian nightmare to me. And yet the stores are full of NFL merchandise, the airwaves are full of play-by-play discussion, and everyone on Earth seems intensely interested in something I could not care less about. It’s pretty annoying.

*That was harsh. Sorry. We try not to use the word “stupid” in this house.

So let me admit to you that you are right. I’m sorry. I actually am more excited than I should be. I don’t know how to stop it. Rationally, when I think about it, it seems like I ought to calm down. But like Kilgrave, The Purple Man, mind controlling everybody over on Jessica Jones, not only am I excited about this movie, but I actually want to be excited about it. I am under the spell. There is no reason for me to be, other than psychological manipulation via advertising, but I am. Because I do love Star Wars, and I think it’s going to be a fantastically fun ride tonight. But I am definitely a little more excited than I ought to be. I’ll try to rein it in. And I respect you for staying stronger than I ever could.

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