Top Chef Season 42

The first thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a farmer.  Young me sat down with my Mom and planned out my whole farm.  We talked about what I wanted to grow, and where the farm would have to be located if I wanted to grow grapes and green peppers next to each other.  I picked out animals to raise, and was very excited about the whole thing.  My wife wanted to be an art teacher as her first career choice.  Needless to say, neither of us ever became those things (I am NOT getting up before the sun to milk anything!), but that doesn’t mean that kids shouldn’t follow their dreams, even if those dreams change.  I still would like to have a garden, and I do think Simone would make a great teacher or artist someday, and Ruby wants to be a chef.

I love baking, and even more, I love baking with Ruby.  She can crack an egg by herself, even if a little shell gets in, and she gets really upset if something gets stirred or mixed and she was not a part of it.  We make cookies and brownies and cupcakes together, and she also likes cooking dinners with me.  Tacos, mac & cheese, and spaghetti, Ruby has a hand in all of them.  She is even learning to spread her own peanut butter on her bread.  And she talks constantly about becoming a chef.

Yesterday I decided to watch an episode of Top Chef with Ruby, so she could see the kinds of things real chefs could do.  I was so pleased to discover that this particular episode was filled with profanity.  I mean, I know they bleeped it, but it was uncomfortable to sit with my almost four-year-old daughter and listen to Marcel go off on Dale, with every other word being bleeped.  Stupid Marcel.

Well, Ruby seemed to like the episode.  They all went fishing for their own fish, and Ruby explained to me how Mickey Mouse goes fishing for gooey fish, so she knows all about how to catch fish.  Then they cooked their fish, cursing all the way, and Ruby was excited to find out who had caught the yummiest fish.

When the show was over (spoiler alert from like a month ago, Carla caught the yummiest fish) I asked Ruby if she liked the show, and if she still thought it looked fun to be a chef.  She said yes, but then revealed to me that the real reason she wanted to be a chef was because she liked the dog chef from TV.  She was referring to ZeFronk, who apparently is a much better chef than anyone on Top Chef.  But either way, be sure to look for Ruby on Top Chef Season 42 in about 20 years.  She’s going to tear it up!

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