Top Ten Things Overheard During a Game of Mr. Potato Head

It is a rare occasion when my children decide to play happily together, and last night I decided to take advantage of the once-in-a-blue-moon event by doing some work without interruptions.  This didn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention to them of course, and I found myself often glancing their way, just enjoying and taking in the sight of two happy children playing with toys.  And then I started to overhear some of the things that they were saying.  And getting worried.  As it turns out they were just playing with my two Star Wars Mr. Potato Heads (one Spudtrooper, and one Darth Tater ), so everything they were saying made perfect sense.  Still, taken out of context, you can understand why I was concerned and confused for a moment.  Here are the top ten things that I actually heard them say, that might make me nervous in other situations.

10)  “I can’t find my other nose!” – Ruby (Age 6)

9)  “I have two ears in my bum”  –  Edward (Age 3)
      “I have two ears in MY bum too!” – Ruby

8)  “I only wear my tongue for special occasions.” – Ruby

7)  “He can’t wear the hat with his ears on.” – Ruby

6)  “Help!  I lost my bum cover!” – Edward

5)  “Look!  Bad potato has a sunhat!” – Ruby

4)  “Just stick it all back in your bum.” – Ruby

3)  “Stop giving me tongue!” – Ruby

2)  “Stop grabbing my eyes!” – Edward

1) “I LOVE a tongue in my bum!” – Edward

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