Two Years of Tenor Dad

Today is Tenor Dad’s birthday.  Well, not my birthday of course; my birthday is in April.  No, today marks the date when, two years ago, the Tenor Dad experience came into being.  Since then I have never missed a day of posting (except for weekends and holidays), and thus gave fulfilled my goal, set forth at the beginning of this blog, which was to actually start something and stick with it.  I’d say two years counts as a success.

But now, I turn to the future.  What has this space become?  What do I want it to be?  Let’s be honest, I mostly do this for myself, but let’s be even more brutally honest: if no one likes my posts it makes me sad.  So maybe this is a good chance to ask my readers, what would you like to see here?  Do you want more deep, half-thought out philosophical musings based mostly on comic books, like you got yesterday?  Or would you like me to stick to telling cute stories about my kids?  Do you like it when I make videos?  Do you even watch the videos?  Can you not play videos because you are reading this at work and you don’t want your boss to hear?  Let me know.  Because as much as I do this for me, I do it for you too.  And I think we have a few more years to go together.

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  1. I like… ALL THE THINGS! It’s so entertaining to read your blog, regardless of whether you are writing silly things, poignant things, kid things, opera things, or posting a video (I truly hope that my performance of our song ends up somewhere online, so that I can share it with *you.* I am still surprised that I won the award, because I had a crippling sore throat, and I think it showed through, but no one else noticed. lol).
    Anyway, keep doing what you do, it’s appreciated, especially by those of us who don’t get to see you all the time (or, you know, ever). 🙂

  2. I read your blog EVERY day and love all the things you write about. I also like the videos and love to hear you sing. Congratulations on two whole years!

  3. Adam, You are so talented in so many ways: artist, singer, Dad, writer and this is just the short list! You really do have a gift for putting pretty much anything thought that rips through that head of yours down on paper. I would love to see you try to have something published some day. Your posts on any given day are informative, touching, funny, revealing, and entertaining! Keep on writing!

  4. My favorite posts are tales of your singing adventures. 🙂 But really, you can recount the most mundane events and make them sound fantastic and hilarious, and that is why I adore your blog and enjoy reading anything and everything that you post.

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