Why Are There Crumbs On Me?

Why are there crumbs on me?
I didn’t put them there…
Graham cracker crumbs you see,
On me and in my hair…
I’m pretty sure
That the person who did it
Is there on the floor.
We’ll chat in a minute
About where he got
All the crackers from anyway.
Who took them out?
They’ve been up high for many days.

How was he able…
Oh, look over there.
The dining room table
Is missing a chair.
I wasn’t looking
While he was off grabbing it,
Yanking and pushing it
Under the cabinet.
Climbing up high
And then sneaking the grahams,
That cute little guy’s
Always pulling these scams.

How he opened the package
I never will guess,
But he got to the snackage
And started his mess.
Crumbs on the carpet,
Crumbs on the stairs.
Crumbs on all our pets
And crumbs on the chairs.
On the couch we had lain
(We were watching TV).
And I guess that explains
Why the crumbs are on me.

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