Bear Learns How to Order Things Online

One of things we enjoy doing at our house is making photobooks on  It all started a year or two ago when either my wife or I, I forget who at this point, received an offer for a free one, so we decided to go for it.  All we were paying was shipping!  And we liked it.  And then, suddenly we got another free photobook.  And another.  Coke Rewards gave me one.  Shutterfly gave me one.  The Children’s Place gave me one.  The Statue of Liberty gave me one!  We now have almost a dozen photobooks, and we haven’t paid for one yet.  It is a good system.

I was working on my latest effort a few weeks ago, when Bear informed me that he was going to make a photobook too.  Well, of course I did not believe him.  Bear is very tricky, and cannot always be trusted.  Ruby did believe him though, and she told me that her bear was going to be getting a photobook in the mail.  So I ordered my book, and when it came in the mail there was some disappointment that Bear’s book had not come yet.

Imagine my surprise when, a few days later, we got another bright orange package in the mail, this one address to “Bear Hall.”

We opened it up, and there was Bear’s photobook, full of pictures of Bear.  How did Bear find so many pictures of himself?  Did he, as Ruby proposed, insert himself into some pictures after the fact?  Perhaps.  But either way, we were all very excited to get mail for Bear.

The only problem was that Uncle Bear was jealous that he didn’t get any mail, so Ruby helped Bear write Uncle Bear a letter, which they mailed.  Uncle Bear was very excited.

So now there are only two things that concern me. One is that somehow Bear has learned how to use the internet to order things, which could turn out to be very bad in the future.  The day is coming, I’m sure, when I will see a $600 charge for “Bear Food” on my statement, and we are going to have to find a place to store a very large bag of Purina Bear Chow.  Just be cool Bear.  Be cool.  The other is that Uncle Bear now has to have/do everything just like Bear.  Oh man.  Why did we ever decide to have two bears?  Things were so much simpler with one…

P.S. – If you want to look at Bear’s photobook in greater depth, he has provided me with a link.

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