The State of the World’s Ghostbusters in 2016

Let me be clear right from the start that the original Ghostbusters is my favorite movie of all time. And so when I was angry about the remake (and I was angry about the remake), it had nothing to do with gender, but with the fact that it would be a hard reboot, and not in the continuity of the original films. Some people were straight up angry about the gender, but I do think many of the hardcore nerds fans were more worried about a general ruining of a beloved childhood memory. We were all idiots to worry bout a film we had not seen yet. I just saw the new movie. It was fantastic.

As a nerd fan of the original, I spent a good chunk of the movie trying to figure out which new Ghostbuster was supposed to be which old one. Was Kristin Wiig the Egon? Or was Kate McKinnon the Egon? Who was Melissa McCarthy supposed to be, Ray? Or Peter? And as it turns out, they aren’t the old Ghostbusters. There are no slots to fit them into. The filmmakers have created four new, compelling, and unique characters, and I applaud them for it.

Was the story similar to the original? Yes. It was supposed to be. It says in the credits “Based on the movie Ghostbusters, by Harold Ramis.” And the tributes to the original were everywhere. Almost every original cast member made a cameo, including the late Harold Ramis in marble form. And yet, it was different enough to surprise me. It was neither a rip-off of the first movie, nor was it a random movie with the logo slapped on it for marketing reasons that left me wondering what the connection was. This was a Ghostbusters film, and it was a new Ghostbusters film, and if you loved the original I can’t imagine you not liking this one. The sense of fun and humor is there the whole time, as well as a few pretty scary moments.

Best of all, as we walked out of the movie my wife turned to me grinning and said “Wow, I really liked it. I can’t remember the last time I liked a movie this much!” She noted how refreshing it was to see a movie starring all women, with no trace of a romantic subplot. Plus it didn’t hurt that the movie is full of (the surprisingly hilarious) Chris Hemsworth. And my daughter, who was also with us, couldn’t stop talking about everything the whole way home. That fight scene, oh man, Kate McKinnon is our family’s new favorite action hero. We were worried that my son would be too scared, but we brought him anyway. After the frightening opening scene, I turned to look at him and he was dancing in his seat, grinning and giving thumbs up as the iconic theme music began to play. This movie will create a new generation of fans, and it will please the old ones, if they can just get over themselves enough to allow themselves to enjoy it. Because seriously, this was one of my favorite movies of the past decade. As a former skeptic, but a confessed “liker,” I have to say, the Ghostbusters are back, baby! Get on board!

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