What Does Your Anagram Really Say About You?

An anagram, as I’m sure you astute readers are aware, is just a rearranging of the letters in a word or a phrase to make a new word or phrase. People use anagrams as a kind of code sometimes, to create pseudonyms or secret messages. So yes, there can be value in playing with anagrams. How else would you have discovered that “It’s Rare” Pawnshop was actually a cleverly disguised anagram for “Satan Worshipper.” You are not fooling anyone, you evil pawnshop. I am NOT going in there.

But oftentimes people will take a normal and unencoded name and try to assign meaning to it via an anagram. This is ridiculous of course, but also quite fun. Just because Spiro Agnew’s name can be rearranged to spell “Grow a Penis,” it does not mean anything significant. Sure, if you rearrange the letters in Morgan Freeman’s mane it spells out “A Gnome Farmer,” but this certainly does not imply that he is or ought to be one.

So since your anagram does not really say anything about you (unless you have already anagrammed something else to create your fake name that you are currently using), we can just have a little bit of fun with it, and think about what “Tenor Dad” might really mean.

Hmmmm. I can rearrange the letters in “Tenor Dad” to spell out “Don’t Dare.” Does this mean that perhaps I am playing it too safe with my writing? Or is it a cryptic warning from the illuminati that I’d better play it a little safer and not dare write what I was planning on writing? I will have to ponder this.

Ouch. Not cool, anagram of my blog name. Not cool. I know I can be a little long-winded sometimes, and that I often will use twelve sentences when one will do, and that I can run on sentence a bit, once in a while anyway, and that sure, you already got the point the first six times I said it, and yet still this stings a bit, implying that I am droning at people when in fact I am trying to say important things most of the time, or be funny, which I am only marginally successful at anyway, but the point is, ummm, actually, I forget the point.

Boy, I’ll bet you’re glad that I did not accidentally choose this anagram as my blog title. Instead of music and culture and hilarious singing videos, you could be reading about printers and photocopiers instead. Or, more likely, you would not be reading it at all.

This made up word is, I believe, the past tense of the verb “tornado,” which was not previously a verb until my son was born. Unfortunately we are having company over for dinner, and he just tornaded the house.

Ah, here we go. This would probably be the most appropriate anagram name for me. Yes, I am a tenor and a dad, but I am also a nerd, and, well, not really a toad I would hope. I will have to ask my wife about this. Hopefully I am more of a prince than a toad. I suppose her answer will depend on how de-tornaded the house is when she gets home from work. Yeah. Uhhhhhhmmm, I have to go. Bye.

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