An Honest to Goodness Early Morning Miracle

It has happened! It is not a fluke! It has been three days in a row now, and I think it might stick! Parents, you will know of what joy I am speaking. You will feel that moment alongside of me, as all of the pain of the past melts away into a brighter tomorrow. You see, every day this week, my son has slept past 8 o’clock. Sleep!

EVERY SINGLE DAY! This child of mine who believes that he is Apollo and must be awake in time to drive the sun chariot across the sky, this boy who is up before 7 (and sometimes before 6) no matter what time he went to bed, this same person has now stayed in bed longer than I have! On more than one consecutive occasion! Hallelujah!

Yesterday I think he might have even made it to nine if the dog had not decided to have a wrestling match with the kitten on top of his face! And yes, he has been staying up later because it is summer, but in the past this has made no difference. We could put him to bed at midnight, and he would still be jumping on us at 5:49, ready to exuberantly start the new day. But no more! The corner has been turned!

I hope you can all appreciate the joy this is bringing me. You can look forward, in the coming days, to better posts that are well thought out by a rested brain. You will see a refreshed and rejuvenated me. I will be a better and happier parent. Because I will have gotten more sleep. And I look forward to the teenage days when I have to forcibly drag him out of bed at noon. During those moments, I may think back to these days and wish for the times when he woke up early by himself. I might even think that I want those days back. So this is just a note to my future self. No, you don’t.

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