Ice is Magic

Me: “Edward, what’s going on back there?”

Edward: “I don’t want my ice.”

Me: “You can’t just pour your ice all over the car.”

Edward: “I poured my ice in my cup holder.  I don’t want my ice.”

Me: *sigh*  “Well, you can’t pour your ice in your cup holder either.  There is still a little bit of drink in there, and it’s going to make a mess once the ice is melted.”

Edward: “The ice is mountain?”

Me: “No, melted…”


Me: “No, not mountain, melted.  The ice is going to melt.”

Edward: “Ice will mountain?”

Me: “No, melt.  The ice is going to melt.  The ice in your cup holder is going to turn into water and spill all over the back seat of the car.”

Edward: “The ices turns into water?”

Me: “Yes, that’s called melting.  If ice is not in the freezer, if it gets too warm, it will melt and turn into a liquid, in this case water, which will then flow out of the cup holder and onto the back seat of the car and get everything sticky, because there is still some of your drink on the ice, and I don’t want to have to clean up the back seat again.  Do you understand?”


Me: *sigh*  “I’ll get a towel when we get home.”

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