My Book Is Out!

Dear readers. Dear, dear readers. Wonderful readers. Fantastic, fabulous, financially philanthropic readers. Today is your chance to finally be able to pay for something that I have been giving to you for free for almost 5 years now. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?! Today, “Dads Behaving Dadly 2” is out, featuring a brand new, original essay by yours truly, talking about the day I made the choice to do less singing and more parenting. It’s not something I’ve discussed here, because I don’t want potential employers to read online that I am not a singer anymore. I totally still am! Please hire me! But I have chosen to be home more and travel less, and if you buy the book you can find out why.

I was all excited to write about the book this morning, so I woke up, sent Ruby off to school, and decided to begin Edward’s summer vacation by taking him over to Barnes & Noble to look for a copy of the book. Wouldn’t that be a great photo for the top of today’s post? Me, in a book store, holding up a copy of a book in which my writing is published?! Yeah, they didn’t have it. It’s only available online. But look, it’s on their website! And it’s on sale!

I would have posed with my own copy of the book, because supposedly they have sent me an advance copy, but I don’t have it yet, so I couldn’t take an awesome photo today. And now it’s not really an advance copy, since the book is actually out now. Maybe they have my address wrong? Oh dear. I should check on this. Once you all buy the book, my royalty checks are going to come flooding in, and I want to make sure they are going to the right place.

So anyway, I am super excited, even though I had to just reuse the image from the last time I was writing about this.  And you can buy my book, which would make me double super-excited. And if you do have my book, and you e-mail or facebook or tweet me a picture of you holding it, I will absolutely share and post and retweet that like it’s hot, thus helping you to expand your social media empire and giving you some, what we like to call in the business, “Tenor Dad Street Cred.”

So thanks for all of your support, and if enough of you pick up this awesome collection of dadly stories, then maybe someday I’ll write my own full book, and then sell that to you too. Have a good Friday, and happy reading!


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