I Only Like It When I’m Doing It

I didn’t want to write this post. I’ve been putting it off. I’m too busy, too many others things going on, and so I have neglected this as if it were a chore, something draining, and I just didn’t feel like doing it. But now that I’m writing I feel great. I love writing! Why […]

Published Posthumously

There are things I never got to say to David Budbill while he was still alive. These messages must now be published posthumously. The Vermont author passed away early Sunday morning, ending his three year battle with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, a rare form of Parkinson’s Disease. David wrote the words that I sang last year in […]

The Whole Story

This is not the whole story. I wanted to be upfront about that, so that you don’t get the wrong idea. I have peeled back the curtain more than most, perhaps, but you still aren’t getting it all. Aside from the fact that there is no way you possibly could even if I wanted you […]

Strike While the Inspiration is Hot

I had a really great post for today. A cute story about my son! Wouldn’t that have been wonderful, after all of those ranty posts about the state of the world? I was totally going to get back to what this site is supposed to be about! I had the idea all ready to write, […]

How to Right a Blog

Righting is not easy. Eye no ewe think it is, butt in fact it does take sums kill. In that weigh it is similar two singing. I canned tell yew how Manny thymes some buddy has tolled me “Owe, eye could dew that!” Ummm, are ewe bean Sirius? Yew think I juiced woke up won […]

The Problem With Being Creative

Do you know what the world values? Productivity. It values output. It values results! And we creative types can get results. Most of the time. We output all over the place. We can be productive. But the creative process is different than other processes. Sometimes we need to sit and do nothing for two hours. We […]

Tenor Dad After Dark

Hello readers, and welcome to Tenor Dad After Dark, our late-night, adults-only version of our regular blog. Here after 10 PM we can say things like “The Eff Word” and “Poopy Stink Fart.” We can talk about obscene subjects like “Pornographic Films” and “Donald Trump.” Yes, the kid gloves are off tonight my friends. Let’s […]

The Best Experience a Dad Blogger Can Have

Some days I write for myself, just to get something out of my system. Like yesterday. Other days I write for you. Yes, you. I write something that I hope you will enjoy. I hope you will laugh, reflect, learn, or smile. Like the day before yesterday. But honestly, I write a lot of these […]

My Book Is Out!

Dear readers. Dear, dear readers. Wonderful readers. Fantastic, fabulous, financially philanthropic readers. Today is your chance to finally be able to pay for something that I have been giving to you for free for almost 5 years now. Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?! Today, “Dads Behaving Dadly 2” is out, featuring a brand […]

Banned From the Kids’ Table

I was contacted recently by a site called Mothering in the Middle, wondering if I would be interested in being a regular contributor to their blog about “midlife” parenting. Their site deals specifically with older parents, or rather with people who became parents closer to middle age than middle school. When you get pregnant at 35 […]