We have a tradition in our car.  Whenever we drive by a certain hillside on a certain section of highway between Williston and South Burlington, the driver will shout out “WHALE TAILS!” and then everyone else in the car will echo back.  “WHALE TAILS!”  We have done this for as long as I can remember, and we drive by several times each week.  The reason is, of course, because there are two giant whale tails sticking up out of the hilltop.

Since we love the whale tails so much, and the kids were on vacation and I was running out of ways to not kill them, I decided to take the children on a hike to the hill where the whale tails sit.  It took a little bit of searching, but just past the corporate offices of Ben & Jerry’s is another office building, with a parking lot almost adjacent to this hill.  We crossed a small road, slipped on some ice, traversed a frozen baseball field, and suddenly we were there.  Our grail.  The whale tails.  We had prevailed.

Ruby warned me that to get to the top of the hill we must first cross a mighty river, although the tiny stream that we found was completely frozen over, and there was a little bridge anyway, so we had no trouble walking right up to the statues.  The tails were certainly bigger than they had looked from the highway, and the kids loved them.  In fact, when it was time to go, for reasons of frozen father, Edward threw a fit and refused to leave.  It took some convincing, but I finally got him to agree that it was time to go by showing him that he could slide down the icy hill on his butt, which he enjoyed thoroughly.  And so, without fail, we set sail back down the trail the led from the whale tails.

On the way home, we two males and female, walked over hill and dale, stopping only to flail by a rail and eat some stale kale.  We played with icicles, which were too frail to impale, so my wife did not have to bail us out of jail.  The sun was out and there was no gale or hail, though it was too cold out for us to see any animals, neither quail nor snail.  As we crossed the last of the vale, Edward again began to wail, but I assured him that we would return again, and this tipped the scale.  Thus ends my tale.

Yeah, I know that last bit was corny, but at least I didn’t write it in Braille.  On some shale.  On my way to Annandale.  While drinking ale…

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