My Daughter Acts Out the Only Scene From “Frozen” Without a Princess In It

There have been several videos out there lately that feature cute kids singing princess songs from the hit animated movie “Frozen,” and it doesn’t seem like the internet really needs another one.  Luckily my kids are not interested in the princessy parts (not true: they are interested in all the parts).  Ruby’s favorite song from Frozen has always been the first one.  Because who would rather be a princess when “ice logger” is one of the other options?!  Whenever we put the soundtrack on, we must start with the first song, “Frozen Heart,” and we must listen to that song over and over again.

Now, yesterday at church we were talking about things we could do to show our love to people, and “clear ice out of your neighbor’s driveway” was one of the suggestions thrown out there.  As we have several handicapped neighbors with icy parking spots, we decided to get right to it when we got home.  And Disney, without knowing it, had done us a huge favor, because they had somehow romanticized the task of chopping up and removing ice, at least in the minds of our children.  It was beautiful, and after this they’d sure as heck better have a Princess Lawn-Mower film in the works for next summer.

So Ruby sang her song and chopped her ice, and Edward carted it away to sell in the local village.  No reindeer or talking snowmen showed up, but it was pretty magical anyway.  They were out there for two hours!  I was only out for one hour (their mother did the first hour), and I’m still exhausted today!  Ah, to be young again…

Anyway, here is the opening scene of “Frozen,” sort of, as interpreted by my kids.

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  1. Adam, this is so funny! We just saw “Frozen” 2 weeks ago. I bought the soundtrack yesterday and Caelin and Brennon choreographed a dance to “Frozen Heart” out in our garage on a big metal platform Eric was building. Next time I’ll have to send them outside with ice choppers and sleds. Brilliant!

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