Lego Dimensions vs. Disney Infinity

Lego Dimensions. Disney Infinity 3.0. Since neither of these games are out yet and I have not played either of them, this seems like a good time for me to talk about them, don’t you think? Because I have a problem. I don’t know which one to get!!!

Let’s look at this objectively. I have already sunk a ton of money into Disney Infinity. It is a pretty fun game that could be a lot more fun, if only my kids would go to bed and I could build worlds in the Toybox mode. Unfortunately, Edward insists on using the blue controller at all times, and never lets me do anything without being blown up or thrown off a cliff. Consequently, we don’t play Infinity as much as one would hope, considering the amount of cash I have laid down for it and all of its figures. But we already have all the figures! They would work on Infinity 3.0! Why would we switch horses midstream?!

On the other hand, do you know what we play allllllll the time? The Lego game. That is what my kids call Lego Marvel Superheroes. It is, without question, everyone’s favorite game, even above Minecraft. And we are now also getting into Lego Batman 3. The Lego games are consistently the best video games we have ever played, in terms of family games that even my very young children could do and enjoy. And to think that there is a new Lego game coming out? That combines our favorite play style with our other favorite play style of Disney Infinity?! Seems like a no-brainer.

But Lego Dimensions will cost $100 for the starter pack. That is way more than Infinity ever cost, and since we already have the base and many figures, we will not even need the Infinity 3.0 starter pack. We can just download the game and then pick up figures on their own, costing us wayyyyyyy less money. I like spending way less money. Spending way less money is my favorite. So if I decide to go with Dimensions, it will be a very expensive proposition.

Of course Dimensions has some amazing properties attached! Back to the Future! Dr. Who! Freaking GHOSTBUSTERS! A Lego video game version of my favorite movie of all time?! How can I, in any possible universe, not purchase that?! In fact, Dimensions has almost everything you could ever want in terms of properties, with two notable exceptions. We have two very favorite Lego properties at our house, one of which I have already mentioned. Lego Marvel Superheroes and also Lego Star Wars are by far the best games to play. If Dimensions had Marvel and Star Wars, there would be no question in my mind that we would go in that direction. But we will never get Marvel and Star Wars figures for Dimensions, because those properties are over on Infinity! And Infinity 3.0 has “Inside Out,” the best movie of the last, well, pretty much ever! Ugh. My head hurts.

All I want to do is to play superheroes and Jedis. But in a Lego game environment. But I also want Ghostbusters. And Inside Out. And The Wizard of Oz. And I also don’t want to spend all of my disposable income on video game accessories. I mean, I could buy…both. But I am trying to have less stuff around here! I don’t have the money, the space, the time, the energy, the patience, or the value system required to purchase both games. I am going to have to choose. Do I take the easy way out and just continue on the Infinity path? Or do I make a bold move and leap to Dimensions? Should I ask my kids what they think, or does that chip away at my parental authority? Should I buy neither and instead take the kids to the park with a $5 frisbee? Probably.

Hey, anyone here know anything about Skylanders…?

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