One Year of Tenor Dad

Today is my blogiversary.  One year ago today, late in the evening, I decided to start a blog.  I was feeling sad about moving to Vermont, spending the Fall in New York, and leaving behind so many people, and so my first post promised to keep in touch with everyone that I would no longer see on a regular basis.  I called it “Pilot” because, well, aren’t the first episodes of everything called “Pilot?”

I have to say, I think the blog was generally a success.  The readership has steadily grown, and I seem to be getting good feedback about it.  I’m having a good time, and I think the discipline of writing nearly every day has been good for me.  So it’s time to celebrate!  I will try to cram everything I can into this blog as we look back on a fine year of Tenor Dad!

Look!  A cute picture of my kids on a ferris wheel!

Look!  A cute video of Edward yelling into a fan!

Look!  A haiku about my blog!

Tenor Dad: The Blog
Stories, pictures, videos.
Sometimes amusing.

Look!  I am communicating my political views!

Everyone should stop fighting and compromise.  The government’s job, in my mind, is to protect its citizens, which means that we should all pay a good amount of taxes to fund the military, social programs, and stricter business regulations.  I do not think money or the economy should ever come before the health and welfare of any American, even if they are system abusing jerks, like most of us are to some extent, whether we are rich dudes who play with tax loopholes, or poor dudes who don’t get jobs because welfare pays more.

Look!  A funny parenting anecdote!
Yesterday was Edward’s baptism.  As luck would have it, it was also the Sunday I was slated to sing during the service (unrelated, I assure you), so I had to arrive doubly early at church to practice my song and to prepare for the baptism.  The rehearsal went well, but I noticed that the baptism was not in the bulletin.  This was disappointing, because the whole reason you baptize your kid in the first place is so you can put a copy of that bulletin in their baby book.

Ok, there are other reasons too, but I thought I should mention this to the pastor, except I couldn’t find him.  It was around this time that my mother (on time for the first time in her life) and my sister arrived with their 400 children.  The previously empty sanctuary was now filled to the brim with my relatives, so now I had to make sure that they were all here on the correct Sunday, and that we really were doing the baptism that day.

I found the pastor eventually, and he conceded that perhaps they should have printed it in the bulletin, and maybe he should have filled out the baptism certificate, and what was the baby’s name again?  He and I went down to his office to fill out the paperwork while my wife’s side of the family arrived upstairs.

Luckily, the baptism itself went off without a hitch.  Even though it wasn’t printed, we still got to do it, and Edward looked super cute in his new outfit (especially his little hat).  The rain even held off long enough for us to have a BBQ afterwards, so the whole thing can be considered a success.  And look at his cute hat!

Phew!  That was a lot of blog.  I hope I gave you all a taste of what you love about Tenor Dad, and here’s to another exciting year!  See you tomorrow for the SECOND blog posted on a September the sixth!

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