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Remember when I wrote that I got sent a package of things to review? Well, in addition to that lifesaving lullaby CD/Book combo, I also received one other totally free item for my perusal: an advance copy of the Big Block Singsong DVD. If you are not familiar with Big Block Singsong, then you clearly do not watch the Disney Channel, because these videos are on all the time, and they are super weird. And if you know me at all, this is a compliment of the highest order.

Each Big Block Singsong video consists of a block, you know, some sort of animated rectangular prism, singing a song. The title does not lie. These songs are intensely catchy and I dare you to try to get them out of your head. You can’t do it. You will have to pick “truth” instead, because you will fail that dare. The animation is bright and fun, the topics are silly and clever, and, as I mentioned before, I am still humming the songs years later.

So anyway, we got this DVD, full of songs that, honestly, we had already seen on TV a bunch of times before. So I said to my kids, “Kids,” I said, “who wants to watch the Big Block Singsong DVD?!” They did not want to. I told them that I wanted to watch it, so I could write about it later, but they did not care. They do not give a fig about what ol’ Dad wants to do. And honestly, I was lying anyway. I actually just wanted to watch it so that I could listen to “Happy.” “Happy” is my all time favorite Big Block Singsong, and I seriously (no, for real) will seek it out on YouTube if I am needing an emotional pick-me-up. It’s just so dang…happy! I could listen to that song all day. So I made the kids put the disc in, and we watched until that song came on.

“Happy” is the fourth video on the DVD of 24 videos, which is about half of the first season, and this meant that we got to see 3 other videos on our way to my top pick. The DVD starts out with “Monkey,” or, as we like to call it, “Two Banana Kind of Day.” I had forgotten about that one! That one also is very happy! These things were cheering me up already, and I wasn’t even in a bad mood to begin with! And then, there it was, song number four. “Happy.” I watched it twice in a row, and then I had to leave for a rehearsal. The kids turned the TV off, and I figured I would have to scrap the “kids music” angle and instead write a review about how this thing was really best suited for 37-year-old male children.

So I went off to rehearsal, and when I got back my son, previously the strongest opponent of watching this DVD, came running up to tell me “Daddy! We watched Big Block Singsong!”

“Oh, you did, did you?”

“Yes,” my daughter told me, “we watched the whole thing, and then Edward wanted to watch it again, so we started it over and watched them all again.” Ah ha! I knew it! I knew they loved these things! And ever since then they have been wanting to watch it non-stop. I asked them what part they liked the best. “Brave,” my daughter said with no hesitation. And I can see why. “Brave” is like an epic Tenacious D-style rock ballad of awesomeness. Check it out.

Then I asked my son for his favorite part, and he said “When it’s over, so we can start at the beginning again!” And no, he would not be more specific. 5-year-olds. What are you going to do?

The only problem with this DVD, actually, is that it does include all of the MP3 tracks to these songs, so I cannot put them onto my iPod. Oh, but wait! You can get the digital album! And alongside today’s DVD release (yes, it is being released today!), they have also put out a second digital album, so now all the music from Season 1 of Big Block Singsong is available to download. So I did. Not for free. Not as a promotional stunt. I just wanted to have the music to listen to.  I love it. The kids love it. It’s weird; it’s wacky; it’s wonderful. And now it’s mine.

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