Mastering Edwardian Speech

When one lives with an Edward, one is immersed in all things Edwardian. You live in an Edwardian house, noted for their train track covered floors and high pitched shrieking; you eat Edwardian food, mainly hot dogs; and you are well versed in Edwardian fashion, which is to say, constant nudity. But one cannot live […]

Ruby’s Wish

If there was any sort of downside to Edward’s wish, and believe me you have to look pretty hard to find one thanks to the prowess and proficiency of Make-A-Wish, it was that Ruby didn’t get one. Yes, we all got to go on Edward’s amazing trip, but it was his trip. We did his favorite things, and […]

A 9-Year-Old Girl’s Thoughts on a Gershwin Classic

Ruby, unlike her father, does not like stuff. She was complaining about it so much today that I put on the song “I’ve Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’” from the Gershwin opera Porgy and Bess. She definitely had some thoughts about it, and she provided a running commentary for the song, which I will now attempt to […]

What My Kids Did When I Told Them We Were Moving

Did I mention that we were moving? No, I didn’t, because it was not public knowledge until quite recently. But now that it has been announced in the church’s annual report and I have had several congregation members ask me about it, I feel safe to finally announce that next month we will be leaving […]

The Epic Superhero Wish Send-off (& How We Almost Missed It)

We thought he wasn’t sleeping because he was excited. We were all excited. The limousine was arriving at 8 am to whisk us away to the airport for Edward’s Make-a-Wish trip to New York City. So we were excited.  But as he lay in the bed next to me at 3 am, not sleeping, I could […]

A Brief Account of the Bad Smell(s) in My Car

For Mother’s Day my wife asked for a very specific gift, that being that the children and I clean out the car. The car was, admittedly, a mess, containing various items that the children and I have left in it over the stretch of time since the last major cleaning. These items we dutifully cleaned up, […]

Being a Grown-Up: It Isn’t All Buying Chips

Yesterday Edward and I went over to the school to pick Ruby up from soccer. I was walking with the dog and he was riding his bike. When we arrived I walked over to help Ruby get her bag, and when I turned around Edward was gone. Any parent will tell you that there is […]

The Big Make-a-Wish Reveal!

It’s official. We have a Wish Kid in the family! This is the first time I’ve posted here about it, because I didn’t want to jump the gun, but now it’s really real! Back in the fall, the hellish, hellish fall, we were recommended to the Make-a-Wish foundation by our pediatrician. This was very nice, […]

Sharing: A Losing Proposition

Even before I had children, I couldn’t wait to become a father. I don’t know if it was a biological imperative, or if I just really loved hanging out with kids, but there was never a question in mind as to whether or not I wanted some of my own. I wanted some. I wanted […]